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Well, I give up. That's it. I'm really sorry guys. The Lion King "Community" is no longer a "Community" and I don't think I can handle it anymore. Keeping this webpage is no longer any fun, nor is The Lion King any fun anymore. I just need to get away from the whole Online "Fandom" thing and be done with it. I have recieved enough flames about my views on the piece of shit, lame excuse for a sequel Simba's Pride. I use vulgar language now because before I tried to be mature about it, but no one wanted to be mature back. I got shit about my "Goodbye Fandom" page too. These are my damn opinions and I don't understand why you people have to screw around with me. I just give up. I don't want to hate The Lion King and anything that has to do with it, so that's why I'm leaving now. I'm really sorry to all of you who sent fanfiction, fanart, and gave me supporting comments about my page. I really appreciate it and I'm sorry I couldn't get some of your stuff up here. Webpage-making is supposed to be fun, but when it's a job, a chore, there's no point in it anymore. There are hundreds of Lion King pages out there that have more to offer than I ever could, so I don't think the wiping-out of this page will make that much of a difference. Anyway, just to piss off all you flamers, the two pages I am leaving here until I delete my account are the ones I got the most shit about. Enjoy, morons.

To the rest of you mature, dedicated people, thanks for a good time. But it's time to say adios, chicas.

Goodbye, TLK Fandom (A Short Essay)

My Opinions on Simba's Pride

LEGAL JUNK: I am in no way afflicted with The Walt Disney Company or The Lion King. I do not own any characters portrayed here. They are Copyright the Walt Disney Corperation. I do not make any profit whatsoever from this Website, it is for entertainment purposes only. So please don't sue me, I'm a poor fifteen year old earning less than minimum wage... ^_^